Omishtu-Joy has done a lot of AI-enabled solutions for Agriculture and many other sectors. 


Omishtu-Joy is engaged in developing in-house developed impact-oriented systems and projects 

Fast soil testing device

Soil fertility checking is essential before doing any farming activity.

IoT enabled Urban Farming

Space Optimized and fast-growing urban farming is essential in order to assure food security of at least the urban population.

Health tech

The health sector has to be intervened by technology. omishtu-Joy's contemporary health techs are part of it.

What We Have Here for You

Other client-oriented Projects.

Bus ticket Reservation system

for all passengers that departs form Addis Ababa to any part of the country using any bus ( Geda, Zemen, Habesha, Selam bus...) can reserve their seat.

Pharmacy Management System

we have developed user-friendly PMS. This system enables the pharmacy owner to manage daily sales, status of the stock and expiry of the drugs on time. our PMS is customizable and scalable .

Deferent Business site management system

for those who have business in different parts of the country or abroad and want to control /oversee the sales and any activities while abiding anywhere, this is your best fit.

Hotel Booking System

by looking any possible hotels at your destination you can book and even pay the cost using this system. no more worries of I know no one at my destination.

Security Camera

you can control and view what is going on around your office, business center and home on your mobile phone's app. we can deploy the system.

Lobour Market

are you looking for freelancing IT person even for a single day to purchase. maintain or train something for you? Omishtu provides domain experts.

Cyber Security Training

Do you want to make your staffs aware of the valuable assets of the company what they handled? we are here to create awareness of both Information and cyber security.

Cold Mail Marketing

we can provide contemporary digital marketing training for any staffs. now adays in business cloud existence matters. physical campaigns are not much effective as digital campaigns.

Software and Hardware Programming Training

we are providing hardware and software programming training in our training centers, different schools and virtual rooms.

Did You know?

Omishtu’s fast soil testing device and its associated mobile app used 4 state-of-the-art technology. 

  • Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning)
  • Software development (Flutter, C, Java, and Python)
  • Hardware programming (C language)
  • Cloud Computing 

Frequently Asked Questions

We have been receiving many requests and questions from different parts of the world. most FAQ is request for any possible cooperation regarding the innovative agritech solution and thus we want to confirm you that Omishtu’s door is open for any cooperative act regarding the tech solutions.

Yes! we are developing different softwares ranging form static website to ERP system and any responsive and scalable mobile apps for clients based up on their demand and specification.

No! we are technology company but merely missioned to empower agricultural sector by state-of-the-art technology like Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

more than 5+ years. but it is 2 years since we have been incorporated as “Omishtu-Joy Agtech Engineering”.

50+. more than half of the omishtu’s tech and admin staffs are women. Omsihtu believes in Gender Inclusive technology.