Omishtu-Joy is the best contemporary technology experience equipped diverse class tech staffs technology valley

Services what we provide

ICT Consultancy

we consult different sectors on procurement, usage, upgrade of new and existing IT infrastructure.


AI Application

we provide cutting edge AI solutions for problems encountered in different sector. ML, DL and CV trainings.


Website Development

we design, customize and develop dynamic and attractive website for your business.


APP Development

we design & develop cross-platform and scalable mobile and desktop apps using the cutting edge tech stack.


Omishtu-Joy won a lot of awards:

  • Champion of Africa Agtech and Inclusive Insurance Challenge
  • Winner of Ethiopia Startup innovation award
  • Winner of Bruh Best tech business idea competition

Omishtu-Joy So far

Fast Soil Fertility Investigation Machine by Omishtu

we have developed fast soil fertility investigating machine and Artificial Intelligence powered mobile app. the machine can investigate the soil and through the mobile it recommends best productive crop for certain farmland. Cudos! this machine is recognized as best Agritech innovation of Africa! 

Investigates soil
Recommends crops
On Sales!

Do you want to get your farmland status within 5 minutes?
Our device is your best doctor!

Container vegetables gardening. Vegetable garden on a terrace. Red, orange, yellow, black tomatoes growing in container .
Book your Yard farm!

any space in your home and yard gonna be your food source if you apply this technology!

Speedy Smart Urban Farming with self-controlled organic fertilization

Omishtu believes that a smart city is not one that is far from agricultural activity. on Omishtu POV: Smart city is one that self-feeds. don’t worry about the limited area; we can provide you with an optimized agri-solution that best fits you.

Self balance nutrient level
update you the growth stat